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The mission of Sweetwater Valley Oil Company is to provide our customers with the best products available at the best price with the best service.




Sweetwater Valley Oil is proud to partner with many local agencies making the Sweetwater Valley region in East Tennessee a better place to live.  Here are just a few of the groups we work with in our community:

  • United Way of McMinn and Meigs County

  • Boys and Girls Club of Monroe County

  • Tornado Disaster Relief

  • McMinn County Education Foundation Partners

  • Tennessee Wesleyan College Scholarship Partners

Orange Grove Center Fueled By Donation From Sweetwater Valley Oil


CHATTANOOGA - Sweetwater Valley Oil, a local wholesale petroleum distribution company headed by brother and sister team Scott Shankle and Shirley Woodcock, has recently added another beneficiary notch to their community involvement belt when they donated 500 gallons of fuel to Orange Grove Center.

Shankle and Woodcock first went into business together in 1988 when they purchased a small oil company in Sweetwater. From the start, giving back to the community was part of their business model.

In 2011, they acquired Chattanooga's Benton Oil Company, and in doing so, not only expanded the geographic reach for their service area and products, but also expanded the number of people they've helped through their generosity.

Orange Grove Center, a non-profit serving the needs of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, has a fleet of 160-plus vehicles traveling nearly 2 million miles per year. When the average price per gallon for fuel can vary by as much as .55 per gallon over a three-month period, projecting the budget over 12 months is particularly challenging.

Sweetwater Valley Oil recently donated 500 gallons of fuel, both diesel and unleaded, to Orange Grove Center for some of their vans and buses. With a budget of well over $500,000 per year just for fuel, such a donation really helps cushion the effect of labile prices.

"Making sure we can get everyone where they need to go safely is my main goal," says Tyrus Chislom, the Center's coordinator of transportation, "but one of the things that keeps me up at night is how we can continue to do it with fuel prices climbing and never really knowing what's going to happen down the road. These 500 gallons from Sweetwater Valley Oil represent not just more miles we can go, but a few more hours of sleep I get for not worrying."

For Shankle and Woodcock, the donation to Orange Grove is just the way for them to continue their long tradition of giving back. "It's important to us to do things that matter to people in our community. We want to do our part to help make this a great place to live," said Shankle.

Woodcock added, "We are so fortunate to be able to continue in our father's footsteps - Scott and I both watched him in this industry as we were growing up. And we are proud to continue the tradition - not just of providing excellent product and customer service, but in being a part of our community."

Sweetwater Valley Oil distributes the fuel produced by Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. to Volkswagen Group for the initial fueling of each vehicle built in Chattanooga. Chevron representatives were recently in Chattanooga and took the opportunity to meet representatives from Orange Grove who came out to thank Shankle and Woodcock personally for their generous donation.

Sweetwater Valley Oil Acquires Benton Oil Company and Midnite Oil Trademark

Sweetwater Valley Oil Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of Benton Oil Company and the Midnite Oil trademark.  The acquisition was effective 1 November 2011, when Benton Oil Company President Ross Benton and Sweetwater Valley Oil Company President Scott Shankle signed the relevant documents in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Sweetwater Valley Oil Company is based in Sweetwater, Tennessee, and is a family-owned and operated wholesale petroleum marketing company formed in 1988 by co-owners Scott Shankle and his sister, Shirley S. Woodcock.  Benton Oil Company has been serving the tri-state area since 1953, with its main office located at the corner of Bonny Oaks Drive and Jersey Pike in Chattanooga.

Sweetwater Valley Oil Company plans to operate from both its Sweetwater office and the Chattanooga office of Benton Oil Company.  Customers will be pleased to know that the same friendly, helpful people who have served them in the past will continue to assist them after the acquisition.  “We are impressed with the loyalty and professionalism of the Benton Oil employees and look forward to working with them,” said Sweetwater Valley Oil Executive Vice-President Shirley S. Woodcock.  “We would also like to thank Ross Benton for all his cooperation and assistance in bringing this acquisition to completion.  He and his entire family have been first class,” adds Woodcock.

Discussing this development, Shankle said, “I was excited from the beginning of our negotiations about the possibility of expanding the Sweetwater Valley Oil area of service through this acquisition.  I am looking forward to new opportunities in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas.”  Sweetwater Valley Oil is licensed in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and Kentucky and offers its customers the ability to buy branded fuels, such as Marathon, BP, and Conoco/Phillips, along with the Midnite Oil brand of fuel products.

For additional information please call 423-892-5211 or 800-362-4519.

BP Helps Fuel TWC
BP's Fueling Communities Grant awarded to TWC for Support of Scholarship Program

ATHENS, Tenn. – Students attending Tennessee Wesleyan College received a boost as BP’s Fueling Communities program announced the College was a recipient of a grant to support student scholarships.

The Fueling Communities program gives back to local organizations that support health, education, youth, food and housing to spread charity and goodwill.

TWC President Dr. Harley Knowles is grateful for BP’s support of the College and its programs. “Support of student scholarships is the number one need on our campus. The College has a long-standing tradition of educating the youth in the Sweetwater Valley and I appreciate BP’s Fueling Communities recognition of our good work.”

Fueling Communities provides grants to local organizations that are nominated by BP’s Branded Marketers to support communities in which they do business. Shirley Woodcock, Executive Vice President of Sweetwater Valley Oil, nominated Tennessee Wesleyan College. In addition, Woodcock is an alumnus of Tennessee Wesleyan College.

“I am pleased Tennessee Wesleyan was chosen to receive one of BP’s grants,” said Woodcock. “The College is a huge asset to this area and supports many of the objectives within the grant – education, health and support of youth.”

Valley Mart will donate portion of fuel sales to annual campaign
Reprinted courtesy The Daily Post Athenian

One of the easiest ways to make a donation to the United Way of McMinn and Meigs Counties is to simply run your car out of gas and then fill it back up.

United Way is again partnering with Sweetwater Valley Oil Company for the annual "Gas Day for United Way" event on Friday, Oct. 29. By pumping gas at any Valley Mart location in McMinn and Meigs county, patrons will also be helping to fuel the United Way, as Sweetwater Valley Oil will be donating a portion of its sales on Friday to United Way's 2010-2011 campaign.

"There's nothing extra people have to do," said Shirley Woodcock, vice president of Sweetwater Valley Oil. "Just come and get gas."

Whether your tank is running on fumes or only a few drops from full, stop in and pump a little or a lot of gas for United Way – every drop goes a long way for both your car and your community.

The Sweetwater Valley Oil donation will go toward the United Way's campaign goal of $657,000. The United Way works to raise those funds each year to help its various partner agencies fill a wide range of needs in the community, from providing healthcare for the un- and underinsured to helping those who have nowhere else to turn after a traumatic event.

Current partner agencies include the Athens-McMinn Family YMCA; McMinn County Senior Citizens; the H.O.P.E. Center; Coordinated Charities; Englewood Goodwill Workers; Partnership for Families, Children and Adults; Tri-County Center; Etowah Rescue Squad; McMinn County Rescue Squad; Boy Scouts of America – Great Smoky Mountain Council; CONTACT Helpline; Good Faith Clinic; Hiwassee Mental Health Center; Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians; Signal Center; McMinn County Department of Juvenile Services and Adult Basic Education.
This year's fundraising campaign will run through Nov. 30.

Buy gas to fuel United Way
Reprinted courtesy The Daily Post Athenian

If you need gas this weekend and want to support United Way of McMinn and Meigs Counties, you can do both at the same time.

United Way will be partnering with Sweetwater Valley Oil Company for the fifth Gas Day event. A portion of all gas sales at Valley Mart convenience stores this Friday and Saturday will be donated to United Way.
By pumping gas at any one of 14 Valley Mart locations in McMinn and Meigs County, patrons also will be making a donation to United Way.

On Friday, United Way volunteers will be at three of the locations from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. offering full-service pumping and maybe even cleaning a few windows. They will be at the White Street Valley Mart near Save-A-Lot, at the Willow Springs Valley Mart and at the Congress Parkway Valley Mart near McMinn County High School.

"Valley Mart is making a contribution for every gallon of gas pumped on those two days," said Sweetwater Valley Oil Vice President Shirley Woodcock said. "There's nothing extra people have to do, just come get gas."

By fueling up at a Valley Mart location, people are making a donation to United Way added Woodcock.
"This event is a big deal for United Way," said United Way 2010 Campaign Chairman Rob Mayfield. "We really appreciate what Sweetwater Valley Oil does. Now we just need the help of the public to make this successful."

Fill it up and support United Way campaign
Reprinted courtesy The Daily Post Athenian

With the declining economy, more people are in need of help and fewer people are financially stable enough to lend that helping hand they usually do. The United Way of McMinn and Meigs Counties, along with Sweetwater Valley Oil Company and Valley Mart Convenience Stores, has devised the perfect solution.

On Friday, Nov. 14, and Saturday, Nov. 15, the only thing donors have to do is head to the pumps for a little gas.
For every gallon of gas purchased on those two days, Sweetwater Valley Oil will donate five cents toward United Way's 2009 Campaign.

"With the gas shortage and high prices, we pushed 'Gas Day' back a month and were afraid we might have to cancel it," said Shirley Woodcock, executive vice president of Sweetwater Valley Oil. "We believe with the recent drop in gas prices this will be a great year for everyone to participate."

Officials pointed out there are no extra requirements to participate in "Gas Day." All patrons have to do is buy gas at one of 14 Valley Mart locations in McMinn and Meigs counties. There will be "gas cans" at several locations where extra donations can be made, but are not required.

United Way will also offer full-service gas pumping at three Valley Mart/BP locations in Athens on Friday, Nov. 14, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The full-service Valley Mart locations are on Congress Parkway near McMinn County High School, on White Street near Save-A-Lot, and at the Willow Springs location.

United Way Executive Director Stephanie Linkous said "Gas Day" is an event in which everyone can participate.
"It's as easy as just putting gas in your car," said Linkous. "With the low price of gas we hope we have a great turnout."

It's one of several large money-raising events for the United Way's campaign, and the last large public event to help reach the $700,000 campaign goal. Other events currently taking place include a competition among schools started by Calhoun teacher Cathy Castor, with the winning school receiving an ice cream party courtesy of Mayfield Dairy Farm.

United Way Campaign Co-Chair Kathy Dougherty said the campaign currently is at about the same point as it was last year, with approximately 70 percent of the goal having been met to date. Dougherty also said the pastor from her church, Mount Harmony Baptist in Niota, will be volunteering along with others pumping gas.
"Lots of our church members are coming out to have their gas pumped by Pastor Don Bradford," Dougherty said. "We just hope everybody stretches out their gas through the week and comes out on Friday to fill up."

TWC fundraising drive enjoys another success
Reprinted courtesy The Daily Post Athenian

For the third consecutive year, Tennessee Wesleyan College has enjoyed success with fundraising efforts. Even with economic challenges, the college managed to raise $1,520,462.62 for its annual giving and $663.717.09 for the 150th Business Campaign.

The business campaign was particularly successful as corporate donations and private giving went toward student scholarships and special projects.

Beginning in August 2007 and in celebration of the college's sesquicentennial, the 150th Business Campaign focused primarily on the giving of the Athens-area business and community leaders. Six volunteers were recruited to form a committee and help with the fundraising process. These volunteers included Jack Allen, Citizens National Bank; Danny Hays, M.D., TWC Board of Trustees; William Kilbride, Mohawk Carpet; Carter Runyan, Jackson & Runyan CPAs; Mary Williams, Mayfield Dairy Farms, Inc., and Dean Foods; Maj. Gen. Fred Womack, chair, TWC Board of Trustees; and Shirley Woodcock, Sweetwater Valley Oil. The committee was responsible for cultivating and soliciting donations for the TWC Sesquicentennial Fund for scholarships and special projects.
The goal of the committee was to solicit 75 businesses and area leaders to raise a total of $500,000. In addition, the committee would solicit five to 10 local and national foundations.

The committee surpassed its goal and raised $663,717.09 by June 30, 2008. "This is a remarkable example of the passion and loyalty so many people share for our college," said Dr. Stephen Condon, the college's president. "We have enjoyed three terrific years of fundraising, over $5 million, permitting us to advance our facilities inside and out. We are poised and ready for enrollment growth and a capital campaign. My thanks to our committee members and all those enlisted in our cause; we have never looked or felt better about our work."
The college has registration in one week and anticipates an increase in student enrollment.

Wesleyan announces forming of 150th campaign committee
Reprinted courtesy The Daily Post Athenian

Tennessee Wesleyan College has announced the formation of the 150th Anniversary Campaign Committee.
Over the next few months this committee, which is comprised of Shirley Woodcock, vice president of Sweetwater Valley Oil Co.; Jack Allen, president of Citizens National Bank; Carter Runyan, principle Jackson Runyan CPA; William (Bill) Kilbride, president and CEO of Mohawk Home; Mary Farmer Williams, general manager of Mayfield Dairy Farms; and Fred Womack, vice chairman of the TWC Board of Trustees; will actively solicit businesses, organizations and individuals for gifts in celebration of the college's 150th Anniversary Year.

All funds raised will be applied directly to the 150th Fund for student scholarships and special projects.
Last year, Tennessee Wesleyan College reported over $2.2 million in funds raised and moved the alumni giving percentage up to 15.2 percent - an all-time high for the institution. President Steve Condon is confident that this year's campaign will be very successful.

"We are trying to capitalize on two great years of successful fundraising and our sesquicentennial," Condon said. "We have some wonderful lead gifts in hand, corporate and private, a highly energized team of leaders and several concerts and events to attract donors. We understand our window is now. Our first team meeting yielded amazing direction and goals. It's just a great time to be connected to the college as we have never looked better."
For more information, contact the college's Development Office at 746-5279.

Buy Gas Friday, help United Way
Reprinted courtesy The Daily Post Athenian

If you´re needing a tank of gas and want to support United Way of McMinn and Meigs Counties at the same time, you've got an opportunity to do both this Friday.

For the second year in a row, United Way is teaming up with Sweetwater Valley Oil Company/Valley Mart on “Gas Day for United Way.”

At three Valley Mart/BP stations in Athens, five cents from each gallon of gasoline sold will be donated to the United Way campaign.

“We had a great response last year,” said Scott Shankle, company president. “We hope it gets even bigger this year. It gives folks who might not otherwise contribute to United Way an opportunity to give.”

The three Valley Mart/BP locations where the share of gas sales will be donated to the campaign include the stores on South White Street, Congress Parkway across from McMinn County High School and Willow Springs.
In addition to the donated sales all day Friday, customers can take advantage of the old-fashioned return to full service from noon to 2 p.m. when United Way volunteers will pump gas for them.

Stephanie Linkous, the United Way´s executive director, expressed her appreciation to the company for its support of the campaign.

“Thanks to Sweetwater Valley Oil/Valley Mart for having 'Gas Day,'” she said. “We hope a lot of people will come out and support United Way in this effort.”


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